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Daniel Bragg Video Production



 ~ Rainy Blues ~

This film is a short and somewhat melancholic narrative that conveys the emotional and behavioral responses that come from a breakup. This is a somber piece throughout. However, a touch of freedom and strength is felt by our main character at the end of the film. He ponders to himself that maybe things have turned out the way that they were supposed to and that's okay. (View film on home page)

Dancing in the pouring rain accompanied by the sounds of freedom fulfilling music and feeling every drop of rain on the goosebumps of your skin is a sensation that gets your heart feeling alive. This is a dance film that dives deep into these sensations and highlights the beauty of the human form through dance. 

~ Meepo Promo ~

~ Waterman ~

The feelings of standing at the top of the slope at the beach looking down upon the waves, and feeling the warm sea breeze brush across the hairs on your face

~ Under the Ollie ~

 ~ Cement Ship  ~

 ~ James Durbin
The Lost Boys  ~

 ~ Jianna and
The Cruzers ~

 ~ Boochcraft Promo ~

 ~ The Jive Machine ~

 ~ Poolboy Affair ~

~ So it Goes ~

~ So it Goes ~