About me


~~ Welcome to my website ~~

My name is Daniel Bragg and I am a passionate photographer, videographer and  skimboarder/surfer from Santa Cruz, California. I have been fascinated with the art of photography and cinema since my early teen years. There is nothing I love more than pursuing to capture a vibrant coastal sunset or a portrait of someone thriving in their environment. I first took interest in this art form when I bought my first underwater camera. I enjoyed bringing it to the beach to capture the sunset colors reflecting off of the glassy ocean water and I loved taking photographs of breaking waves as they crashed over me. It's always been my passion to be in the elements of nature ever since I was young. This, then lead me to spend most of my free time in learning the art of landscape photography. With a camera, I have the opportunity to see the world through a lens and embark on the never ending journey that photography brings. I've had the opportunity to travel and see some of the most remarkable sights around world. I will always strive to showcase the beauty of these moments and the world by capturing them through the lens of my camera because it is what I truly love to do. I hope that my photography brings an emotion to you and give you a glimpse into this amazing and wondrous world that we live in.

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